Conversational Intelligence at scale for the most ambitious and customer-centric Call Centers


100% Calls Coverage

Powerful AI Speech to text technology to analyze and transform all of your customer interactions into valuable insights

Analyze the voice of your customers


Automate the transcription of your conversations in all languages with speech recognition


Segment each conversation and know when your agents and your customers are speaking

Gain quick insights into conversations between your team and customers with our AI-powered Call Summary.

Automatically identify key moments in each conversation with specific Markers and filter easily.

Compliance & Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring in progress...

Evaluate 100% of Customer Conversations.

  • Automatic Quality Assurance

    Save hours by controlling the compliance of your agents 24/7/365.

  • Personalize your questions grids

    Easily create and collaborate with your colleagues on the campaign creation.

  • Receive AI Prompt recommandations

    Once created, you can simply ask your AI assistant to suggest improvements.

Manual and Hybrid evaluations

Listen manually to your customer interactions or combine the power of AI with manual QM, simply.

Provide a powerful feedback experience for your agents

Listen to your agents

MyQM enables agents to rate and review their evaluations, done by AI or their supervisors.

Campaign results at a glance

Quality Monitoring Score

Keep an eye on your campaigns results as they run.
Receive alerts based on your settings.

Conversation Insights

Create value for your business with Customer and Agent Conversation Analysis

  • Customer Insights

    Make informed decisions and improve your services with data around Call reasons.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Analyze the tone, sentiment, and language used to determine the satisfaction of your customers.

  • Conversation Engagement

    The level of active participation, interest, and involvement during the conversation will be evaluated.

  • Emotion Recognition

    Automatically detect emotions such as happiness, frustration, anger, or sadness expressed by customers.

Make Data-driven decisions in no time

Global Overview

Detect the main call reasons over a certain period including the customer’s sentiment over the situation.

Advanced smart filters

Quickly find valuable insights based on interaction type, dates and conversation data and markers.

Agents experience

Identify communication gaps, common customer issues, and areas where agents may require additional training.

Learning & Coaching

Happy Customers, Engaged Agents! Deliver a thriving workforce experience.

Welcome to your Customer Experience Academy

Online Learning Activities

Activate personal growth and learning moments within your organization.

Access off-the-shelf Libraries

Provoke learning moments by activating the library of ready-to-use online courses from our partners.


Create onboarding journeys for your new agents to make them feel at home from day one.

  • One-on-One

    With authentic, collaborative and transparent feedback, agents can identify areas for improvement and work collaboratively to enhance their skills and deliver exceptional service to customers.

  • Coaching

    Transform your top-performing agents into coaches for peer-to-peer coaching sessions anytime. Have external experts? No problem, invite them to mentor your teams at any time.


A 360° Customer and Agent experience platform to boost your Call Center

  • Agent Engagement

    Empower your agents to give and receive feedback, to be challenged with goals and to learn by fostering a culture of learning within the workflow.

  • Quality Monitoring

    Monitoring 100% of your customer interactions to assess the adherence to service standards, identify areas for improvement, and provide feedback to call center agents.

  • Conversation Insights

    Understand the voice of your customers and agents by analyzing behaviors, emotions, call reasons and much more to help you make informed decisions and improve CSAT.